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The Shaw Tartan + this T as a “Shaw Family Uniform”?

My cousin Raymond Shaw put this T Shirt on his Facebook Page and suggested that we wear it as a Shaw uniform: Time for family uniform? And he asked me what I think. I can just picture the smug, infuriating look on his face. Raymond has always had the ability to infuriate me. I remember when we were children how he sang a particular song just to provoke and annoy me.


I replied that “I'll wear a family uniform if you will wear a kilt with the nice T shirt! The Shaw tartan I bought in Scotland is really nice!  My brother, Ronald posted that Raymond always has a great sense of Humor. I call his sense of “Humor” exasperating to the point that I would love to strangle him, but he is also very lovable.

The T shirt marketing team claim that they have a clothesline dedicated to us and some of the Shaw Clan have posted a few lines. Dustin Shaw posted: "One day. We shall all rule the world...#ShawProud". Dustin is not one of my FB friends because we are not acquainted. He not from a directly related line of Shaw's.

Its true though, I do keep calm and handle emergencies well. (if one does not praise themselves, who will). I saved my brother from drowning when I was 4 years old. He fell in a swimming pool when no adults were around. I also saved a friends daughter in Mexico when I took charge and drove her to a hospital in Mexico City just in time to save her from dying of Appendicitis. I could not understand why my friend froze up and could not do anything to help her child, but now that I am older and wiser, I am also becoming afraid to act in some circumstances.  I suppose the bad things that have happened to me have made me more cautious, cowardly. Despite that contemplation …. I feel strong and faithfully spirited in the Shaw Motto. “Loyalty and strength through faith”. “Fide et Fortitudine”

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