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Portrait of a younger Barnabas

I like this Portrait of a younger Reverend Barnabas Shaw, sent to me by Neil Shaw.

I’m not sure if this is the father or the son, since Barnabas is a reoccurring family name. Though after examining this Portrait, it appears to be the same as the one on the cover of one of his books, written in the 1820s.

Rev. Barnabas Shaw

As I said on this main Website Page, “I'm thrilled to be in contact with Niel Shaw. He is also a descendant of Barnabas, and he told me that his Parents were married in the Church that Barnabas is buried in in Cape  Town. His parents Denis Shaw & Aleysia Ensin (1935), were married in that Church on Green Market Square, in C.T. His father, Denis Neil Shaw (born 1933) wanted to be married in that Church, precisely due to their Barnabas connection. His Sister (Margot H born in the 1960’s) provided me with a family tree on the condition that I re-do the Tree by providing first initials only. She wrote in Afrikaans,:  “Dis die family tree wat Samantha vir haar skool projek opgestel het. Op die Shaw Stamboom.

Samantha stated that Barnabas John Shaw is the Top of Neil's side of the Tree. His  his father was Denis Neil Shaw (1933), and his Grand Father James Scaife (Jimmy Shaw 1905-1971) Neil's siblings were: .Linda Dianne (1950’s). Esmé (1960’s), Margot H (1960’s). and Neil Enslin Shaw (1960’s).

Shaw Coat of Arms (English)

Niel Shaw & Susan Klein had 3 children: Morgan Shaw, Cameron and Aiden (all born in the 1990's)

Saint Barnabas, was an early Christian, one of the prominent Christian disciples in Jerusalem. According to Acts 4:36 Barnabas was a Cypriot. Named an apostle of Jesus, he and Paul the Apostle undertook a missionary journey as so many Shaw's do. Both Jeanette Shaw and Niel Shaw traveled the world and on this day in 2015 find themselves living in the USA. Jeanette would have named her son Barnabas had she had sons but she only had 2 daughters, Sarah Jane (named Jane after Barnabas wife Jane) and Fiona.

It is an honor to have family members with the same name as the traveller St. Barnabas. This is a picture from Barnabas Shaw's book on how he traveled in Africa as a Pioneer. He traveled by Ox wagon (18 oxen pulling the wagon) I’m so glad that I can travel faster, on the Boeing 787 Dream liner, I was on the 787 inaugural United Airlines flight!


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