Barnabas Shaw

Memorials of South Africa

A long line of Shaw Lawyers and writers

The Scottish are travelers. We have spread out all over the world. Not only Scotts like Robert Louis Stevensonthe 19th century Scottish writer notable for such novels as Treasure Island and  Kidnapped.

My ancestor Barnabas traveled from England and I have found a new home in Texas.

My Grandfather Herold Shaw was a Justice of the Peace and I had a great experience today, meeting another Justice of the Peace. The Honorable Judge Dale Gorczynski. He is the most Un-boring judge! He even suggested that I take this photo with him. I had Jury Duty and was thrilled to have the adorable Judge that I have often seen on TV. He's even on Dutch TV! On "Animal Cops Houston", the documentary reality television series.

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He is Justice of the Peace as my Grandfather was. My Grandfather was also not boring. I had a wonderful photo of him meeting with a Witch Doctor to resolve a farm labor dispute. I will search for the photo and put it on this blog.


My Grandfather Herold Philip Shaw (eldest son) is the tall one standing in the back row. The boy seated is John Barnabas Reay Shaw. (He has 2 significant family names) John Reay Shaw Senior (with beard) was an attorney in Grahamstown where HP Shaw was born in 1891. HP Shaw was appointed Justice of the Peace in the Eastern Transvaal. My fathers father had a Bible owned by Barnabas Shaw and in it was the early family tree inscribed. It was meant to be handed down to the eldest son but my father Edwin (Ted) Shaw never took possession of this old Bible. I suppose it will go to my cousin Raymond's one surviving son Matthew. Matthew lost his brother Jonathan leaving Sophia fatherless.  In 1968 my fathers brother (Raymond's Dad) was killed flying his aircraft in an accident. He was 38 and Raymond was fifteen. His sister Patricia turned thirteen on the 17th August and youngest brother Douglas was only eight. Rona, their Mother lived to the age of 80. Uncle Neville (Raymonds father) and Aunt Rhona are in this photo below.

This is a zoomed in photo. The full photo of Uncle Neville was in Switzerland and there was a snowman behind them. I always loved this photo because it was on my fathers desk in his study at home. This Head-Shot photo I obtained from Cousin Raymond's Facebook page but I wish I still had the one with them standing in the snow.


Barnabas Wrote that his book was dedicated to The memory of John Wesley, who, regardless of fatigue, personal danger and disgrace, went out as a missionary. I’m not as benevolent as he was, in fact I am downright ungracious in comparison to him, I feel despondent when I don’t get a first class airline seat and have to fly economy, so I would not have had the fortitude to sail for weeks and then to travel by Ox Wagon.  

I know that I must fix up this blog but for some reason I want to get it on before I travel.

Stay Posted – more to come.

The book, “Memorials of South Africa”, Written by Barnabas Shaw has been copied and reproduced  to re-Print as ISBN1144672228 It may contain strange characters, introduced typographical errors, and old fashioned English that has changed over time. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original or notes by readers.

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